In case you didn't know, styling is a major player in why photographers’ images look the way they do...

That means that this course will not only help you navigate styling your clients, but it will in turn transform your images and brand as well!

When your clients show up styled well and in alignment with your brand, they feel great about how their images turn out and also your images begin to attract more of your ideal clientele. Plus, clients will trust your wardrobe guidance because they will see the trend in your work! It's a win-win!

Learning how to style your clients with intention and a smooth plan is worth it if you are trying to build a brand, offer a great service to your clients, and get clients that are excited to roll with your styling advice!

I know it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the idea and process of styling your clients. But that's why I'm here and created this for you!

We're going to go into the step-by-step process for styling your clients, I'll walk you through some audits of wardrobe and explain why they work and how we got to the final wardrobe choices, I'll show you exactly how to make mood boards that are very visually appealing and will get your clients excited for the wardrobe and to follow your vision, and more!

This course is going to help you feel more confident and less overwhelmed with either starting this client styling process, or adjusting the process you already have and being more intentional!

Let's look at just how awesome this is going to be!

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Who are you learning this course from?

Raised by two 80's models, I've seen a trend or two and been surrounded and obsessed with fashion my whole life...

I’m Whitney, the Stylist behind Styled By W.I. - specializing in family photography styling, in addition to styling couples, newborn sessions, and seniors. Mama of 3 little ones, who met my husband on a blind date and we reside in Mesa, Arizona. I’m a California native who grew up in the photography industry since (before) birth! My parents were international models turned photographer & make-up artist, so it’s safe to say I’m no stranger to the photography & fashion world. 

Prior to styling families, I worked in the digital marketing space as a social media and brand manager for businesses across the country, from small cafés to Fortune 500 companies. Straight out of college I landed what I would say was a “dream job” working in the Brand Management department for a shoe designer in Los Angeles, which laid a lot of the groundwork for understanding the fashion world. 

My passion for styling is rooted in the desire for people to prioritize having these special seasons of life documented and loving the outcome, which starts with loving what you’re wearing! 

Find me over on instagram @styledbywi

I have had the pleasure of styling families for these amazing photographers, and more!

Images below by: Locke Photography, Ally Anne Photography, Meredith Minor Photography, Tonya Rock Photography, Belle Brooke Photography, and Kayla Pontier Photography.