.. a quiescent insect pupa, especially of a butterfly.

.. a protecting covering.

..a transitional state.

The Chrysalis Collective is a place for photographers who are ready to become the artist they dream of! There's so much to learn in photography, and I wanted to create a space where you can come and find multiple ways to accelerate your growth!

No single photographer knows it all or can teach it all best. So The Chrysalis Collective has welcomed some amazing photographers of our industry, so you can learn from multiple educators!

Scroll down and you'll find info on...

  • The Editing Academy: A subscription membership ran by Locke Photography that gets you editing videos every week.

  • "Mini"-Courses from multiple educators: Choose your topic and learn from an educator that specializes in that topic.

  • The Editing Gallery: Download editing videos from a variety of photographers in our industry, and get exclusive discounts to some editing tools they use!

This is your time. 

Are you ready to see what your potential is?

You can capture emotion.

You can make art.

You can feel confident in editing.

You can rock your sessions.

You can find your creative voice.

You can book your ideal clientele.

You can run your business and get organized.

You can create the brand you have envisioned.

It takes work, but you're ready. You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready.

And maybe you're in a rut?

Maybe you're overwhelmed?

Maybe you're not sure where to start?

Maybe you need a change but you're stuck on auto-pilot?

We've all been in each one of those stages... you're not alone! And me, and the educators here at The Chrysalis Collective, want to help you if you'll let us!

It's me! Kayla!

Nice to meet you! I'm the owner of Locke Photography and creator of The Chrysalis Collective. It really is so rad that you're here!

Think of The Chrysalis Collective as a mall for photographers to come and get exactly the education they need for whatever season they're in.

There are a variety of topics you can learn from me, or some very special hand-picked educators that are also a part of The Chrysalis Collective!

Reach out anytime you have questions, I'm happy to help and it's an honor that we get to help you grow!

You can find on instagram or here at my website!

Download Editing Videos!

Get editing videos from a variety of other photographers to peek into how they edit and what presets/tools they use!

Check it out here!

If you're here looking for the Chrysalis All-In Course created by Kayla of Locke Photography, that has been retired. All students still have access!! But don't be sad, something new is coming! I hope you're as STOKED as I am!!!