This is something I would have just died over if it was available to me while I was in my beginning years..

I know we have all felt overwhelmed on this journey... With so much to learn, all while finding ourself as an artist... can you imagine how helpful it could be when someone can give you some clear things to focus on and give you a glimpse into how to be more mindful about them. Can you imagine how much relief and excitement you'd feel?

I want to give you that excitement and relief!

All the things we have to "wing it" as we learn, those are just part of this journey for all of us. But at some point after some seasons of trial and error, we start to really discover what aligns with our heart and what kind of art we want to produce through out images... that's when we start to push forward with defining our brand and work. That's when we HAVE to make the decision to be more mindful of how we are operating our business and shooting our sessions.

Sometimes in order for us to propel forward, we need some clear direction and encouragement.

And that's why I created this for you...

It's time to become more mindful about these 5 aspects. That way your brand and work can start to become clear, when people start to recognize our work before seeing our name, and when our client expectations align precisely with what we offer... which adds excitement to each session we get to do!

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It's me!! Aspen!!

I'm a mama to 2 sassy and incredible pre-teens and wife to the most amazing and supportive husband. I give so many kudos to them because without them, I wouldn't be here hanging out with you! They have always been my main source of inspiration and my motivation for capturing families and motherhood in an honest and unique way. Every family is different and that is why I approach every session with the intention to truly see them and capture them, just as they are. In this course you'll learn the five most important parts of my process and will gain some insight on how I run my sessions.

So let's grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and dive in head first! I can't wait to hear about what helped you in this course the most!

You can find me on instagram @aspendawnphoto!
Or head to my website here!